MattyBraps Facts!

Name: Matthew David Morris
Born: 6th January 2003 (Age 10)
Other Names: Matt, MattyBraps, MattyBraps e.c.t
Nationality: American
Oppucation: Rapper-Singer/Songwriter-Actor-Musican


MattyBraps Family

Other Family siblings:


Altogether there is: John, Blake, Joshua(Jeebstv) Sarah grace and his Mum and Dad.


Date of Birth
6 January 2003, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Birth Name
Matthew David Morris


4' 5" (1.35 m)

Mini Biography

MattyB first became interested in hip hop music at the age of five. He said that he was drawn to the beats and right away wanted to take dance lessons! When his cousin Mars, a 19-year-old rapper, moved in with his family, he listened to Mars' music and rapped his lyrics to him. Matty pestered his cousin to help him write a rap and make a video so they finally did it. And he nailed it on his first try. In it's first week on YouTube, MattyB's rap video "Eenie Meenie" had over 500,000 views and made the front page!

He's covered hits by stars like Willow Smith, Ke$ha, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. He even rapped "Like a G6", complete with a music video where he wore purple shades, a leather jacket and danced around in front of a fancy car! He writes his own lyrics and even made a music video making fun of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" song!

His mom says he's still to young to tour or make a record but he's definitely going to keep making videos for his popular YouTube channel. He has over 250,000 subscribers to his channel and has over 4 million hits to each of his songs - not bad for someone who hasn't even hit the fifth grade yet! He's taking voice lessons, acting and dancing lessons at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for MattyB on MTV!

Trade Mark

His word in some of his raps "Chyeah"

Mini Bieber


MattyB has three older brothers, Blake Jr, John Michael, Joshua aka Jeebs and one little sister, Sarah Grace.

His big cousin Mars (MarsRaps) produces his music and videos. Mars is also a rapper.

He's a big fan of Michael Jackson.

His family has a music recording studio right in their house.

When asked on his YouTube channel by a fan if he'd rather have 1 million dollar or a girlfriend, he said a girlfriend.

He's taking voice lessons from Lisa Rosemond at Jan Smith Studios (where Usher and Justin Bieber have trained).

Wore braces from 2011-2012.

Would like to do a song with Justin Bieber or Bruno Mars.

He is friends with Christian Beadles.